My consulting services cover the full spectrum of personalized medicine, from building the basic conceptual framework through product development to marketing strategies.


Consulting expertise, a wealth of experience and know-how in diagnostics and pharmaceuticals, science and marketing, all rolled into one

In particular, complex and ‘new’ challenges require a profound insight into the whole subject area for strategic consulting to be successful.

It is the wide range of activities and experience in personalized medicine that I gained in technology/diagnostics, drug development and commercialisation, both in business and scientific capacities, which constitute the broad consulting approach for your success.

A selection of my consulting services:

  • Strategic concept development:
    What tangible opportunities does the concept of ‘personalized medicine’ offer for your product/company?
    How should you best approach it?
  • Project specific, scientific, regulatory and operational consulting:
    What is required  from a scientific, technological, clinical, regulatory, and commercial perspective to develop combinations of pharmaceuticals and diagnostic tests (companion diagnostics), so-called ‘RxDx’?
    How do you define the interfaces and how should they be ‘managed’?
  • Support in building and assisting appropriate partnerships – both as a mediator and as an advocate to the individual parties:
    Who are the potential partners?
    What type of business model should form the basis of such a partnership?
    How should the distribution of values be defined?
    How can this complex collaboration be managed efficiently?
  • Development and implementation of market entry and life cycle management strategies:
    Which factors must be considered to launch an ‘RxDx’ successfully on the market?
    How can patient stratification be employed to establish and maintain a competitive advantage?
  • Support in developing and implementing PR strategies personalized medicine:
    How can progress be made in moving this issue forward?
  • Activating and leading a network of experts:
    Which experts for which subjects?
    How can this network be managed efficiently?


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