„Martina Kaufmann has been instrumental to our companion diagnostic program development for our FGFR inhibitor program, in particular in light of the remarkably complex underlying molecular biology of FGFR genetic aberrations and the involvement of NGS from liquid biopsy. She provided effective guidance for the overall strategy, in defining both assay and regulatory requirements, and during evaluation of diagnostic vendors. Her extensive expertise, high responsiveness to our requests, team orientation, due diligence, reliability and customer focus made her an indispensable resource for the successful execution of our project. We would not be where we are without her and we keep enjoying working with her.“

Stephan Braun, MD
Head of Devlopment, Basilea Pharmaceutica International Ltd. 

„Martina Kaufmann has been a great asset to our cross-functional program team. Her broad experience, her strategic capabilities and her personal skills were critical in giving guidance on the co-development strategy in a pretty challenging setting, the interactions with health authorities and the liaison with the diagnostic vendor. Martina is highly organized, thoughtful, responsive, collaborative, and flexible making it a pleasure to work with. She also used her comprehensive network to provide us with further expertise where required.“

Günter Fingerle-Rowson, MD PhD
Global Business Team Head, MorphoSys AG

„Martina Kaufmann has been a significant, reliable and expert resource on our project. She has taken on various roles as needed, including technology and biomarker assessments, project management and core team advisor. Thanks to her expert knowledge in the field of precision medicine, her attention to detail and drive for results she generated substantial value for us. We cannot imagine having achieved as much as we have without Martina’s support and look forward to working with her again in the future.“

Rüdiger Schenk
Director Diagnostics Solutions, Novartis Pharma AG

Kamini D´Szousa
Global New Products Director, Novartis Pharma AG

„Martina Kaufmann is a designated expert in the area of personalized medicine / companion diagnostics with enormous knowledge and experience from a development, regulatory, and commercial perspective. Her broad perspective, her customer focus and her strategic abilities made her advice very useful in optimizing processes and providing guidance to the teams for successful delivery of personalized medicine solutions. She is extremely well organized, a great team player and has the ability to make things happen, even on moving targets. We are working with her since September 2015 on various projects on a strategic / organizational level as well as on a program level. We continue to be impressed by the quality and speed of her contributions, her deep expertise, responsiveness, diligence and reliability. We always enjoyed working with her.“

Juergen Scheuenpflug, PhD
Global Head Clinical Biomarkers & Companion Diagnostics, Merck

„Martina Kaufmann has been a great asset to our cross-functional program team. She demonstrates an immense amount of knowledge and know-how and has guided us through strategy setting for personalised medicine, regulatory interactions and selection and management of analytical / diagnostic vendors. Martina is very responsive and collaborative, and her input has been critical and directional, both on the commercial and technical aspects of personalised medicine. Martina is a pleasure to work with and has also used her comprehensive network to provide us with further expertise where required.“

Lisa Skelton, PhD
Senior Project Leader, ADC Therapeutics

„Martina Kaufmann has been extremely helpful in team discussions around companion diagnostics. She has a broad knowledge base and a depth of experience that provides her the ability to provide useful advice on personalized medicine issues from a clinical development, biomarkers, regulatory, legal, and commercial perspective. She is highly organized, thoughtful, responsive, collaborative, and flexible, making her a great resource for feedback, discussion, and sounding board.“

David Geho, MD PhD
Global Head of Biomarkers, Vertex Pharmaceuticals Inc.

“Martina Kaufmann supported our biomarker development with stimulating discussions. She provided her in depth expertise of the area of precision medicine to our biomarker development strategy and also added thoughtful developmental and regulatory guidance. In this process we highly appreciated her open way of communication and discussion.“

Bernd Hentsch, PhD
Chief Development Officer, 4SC AG

“Your talk and presentation has been the most informative the most interesting and therefore – without any doubt – the best one in the entire ADAPT conference. I especially appreciated your arguments concerning the cost effectiveness of Personalized Medicine which we will eventually experience through its growing implementation in the next years.“

Prof. Dr. Horst Domdey
Managing Director, BioM Biotech Cluster Development GmbH

„Martina Kaufmann has a deep and current knowledge of what is important in the development and marketing of personalised medicines, particularly from the large pharma perspective but also including companion diagnostics aspects. She communicates this knowledge clearly and accurately, and she will be of value to any organisation trying to understand the impact of personalised medicine to its future operations.”

Eddie Blair, PhD MBA
Managing Director, Integrated Medicines Ltd.

„Martina Kaufmann is highly expert in development of companion diagnostics and use of biomarkers in early clinical trials to accelerate drug development. This expert knowledge in combination with her personal skills is what makes the difference.”

J. Carl Barrett, PhD
VP Translational Science Oncology, AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals LP

“Martina Kaufmann has a broad and a quite unique expertise and experience in the area of personalized medicine across the value chain. Her customer focus combined with her strategic abilities along with looking at details and options from various perspectives form the basis for successful delivery of personalized medicine solutions. I always appreciated working with her.“

Thorsten Gutjahr, PhD
Head of Diagnostics Biomarkers, Roche Diagnostics
F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd.

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